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About Us

Cake Decorating Supplies Malaysia

The product of cake decorating supplies malaysia on our web focus on bakery and culinary purpose, increase aroma or taste on dish and bakery. All the spices material 100% pure from natural farm.

Our mission mostly market in online business and supply to restaurant or bakery shop.

Natural Food Powder is one of the healthy used ingredients that can add intense and interesting flavors for many different types of Bakery. The powder is typically from farm such as pumkin,purple potato,red yeast rice,matcha leave or more.., and instead the chemical colour extract to baking attractive cake,bread, dumpling, pau and deco on cake topping, bread topping or more..  Ready made natural food powder can be handy if you want to bake your favorite bakery quickly and easily.

Why Choose Us

Baker & flavorist origin for natural food colouring malaysia purity of ingredients put in our bodies. We are offer natural food color to instead of artificial coloring additives, allowing family and children to enjoy creative and colouful desserts without harmful health and behavior side-effects.

Our food colour powder are carefully provide the best raw material quality, with non-GMO, plant-based ingredients. We want to bring you products that easy and convenience to use.

Our goals

Produce more natural food colouring  instead of  artificial dye additives .It can be used to make beautiful dessert that do not produce harmful health and side effects in all sizes.Our dyes are deeply selected for high quality raw materials, non-genetically modified.Baker & flavorist’s mission is to conclude that people make pigments on our food.We hope to bring you convenient, simple and practical healthy dyes,and create reasonable and affordable price of Natural food product in malaysia baking ingredient market.

Natural Ingredients, Healthy Life

Baker and flavorist production deeply selected for high quality natural raw materials, non-genetically modified.

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