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Spices Herbs Powder

spice and herbs malaysia

Dehydrated Vegetable Powder

celery powder malaysia

Green Celery Powder


tomato powder malaysia

Tomato Powder



mushroom powder malaysia

Mushroom Powder



Seaweed powder malaysia

Seaweed Powder



Herbs Powder

basil powder malaysia

Basil Powder



mint powder malaysia

Mint Powder



rosemary powder malaysia

Rosemary Powder



thyme powder malaysia

Thyme Powder


sage powder malaysia

 Sage Powder


Chili & Pepper

mixed peppercon malaysia

 Mixed Peppercorn



red peppercorn malaysia

 Red Peppercorn



green peppercorn malaysia

 Green Peppercorn


szechuan pepper powder malaysia

 Szechuan pepper Powder



szechuan chili powder malaysia

 Szechuan Chili Powder



ghost pepper powder malaysia

 Ghost Pepper Powder



chili padi powder malaysia

Chili Padi Powder


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product use in cooking or bakingusually mostly spice & herbs use in baking is cinnamonoregano, paprika, black peppermixed herbbasil or more.Spices & Herbs typed is more than hundredPeople have sought out certain spices, not only for culinary purposes but for medicinal uses as well. Whether you’re cooking with them or working on homemade remedies, these are spices that are definitely helpful to have on hand.

How to check the quality of spice & herb

Smell the spices if you’re buying in bulk or you already have the bottle open, most spices should have a strong and distinctive aroma. If they don’t,its isn’t quality or closed to expired.

Taste The Spices and not have extra musty or bitter flavors. These tastes are generally indications of age or poor storage.

Open and visually check if the spice or herb looks fresh,Green, leafy herbs will fade upon aging.
Be aware; however, that different herbs naturally vary in color and should not always be compared against each other. For example, tarragon is naturally greener in color than rosemary. Additionally, some dill products contain the flower portion, giving them a more yellow color than those without the flowers.Red colored spices, such as paprika, red pepper and chili powder will turn from red to brown in color.