Pumpkin Baking Powder

baking powder malaysia

Coloring Baking Powder Malaysia

100% Pure & Premium Quality

Net Weight:70gm



Keep at room temperature or fridge,avoid direct sunlight.

Uses For:

Macaron,Cream,Bread,Cake,Mantau,topping cream or more…

Advantage And Benefit:

Keep Eyesight Sharp,Aid Weight Loss,
Reduce Cancer Risk.

Healthy Food Product

Pumpkin Baking powder malaysia reasonable price in No.1 Online Shop Natural Food Coloring For Baking ,Our product 100% Pure and Premium Quality,pumpkin powder foam is convenience and easy to use in bakery.Avoid harmful healthy,we highly suggest Pumpkin Powder to instead artificial coloring dyes.

Cake Frosting By Strawberry Powder Recipe

Whiping Cream 300gm

Pumpkin powder 10gm or more (if wanna deep yellow)

powdered sugar 50gm

vanilla 1drop


  1. Beat cream until smooth.

  2. Slowly add in powdered sugar . Add vanilla and beat on med-high for 5mins.

  3. low and beat for 2mins. Add more cream if desired.
  4. Pimpkin powder to be added during last following step.