annatto powder in malaysia

Annatto Powder In Malaysia

(Annatto is a plant ,others name as : Achiote Powder/Roucou Powder)

Annatto powder in malaysia coloring is extracted from raw material annatto seeds/achiote seeds.

In foods, annatto is used as a colouring agent, it has been used as coloring in many cheeses:Cheddar, Gloucester, Red Leicester or others cheese products , and dairy spreads butter, margarine or more…

Annatto food pigment can also be used to dye on non-dairy foods such as rice, custard powder, baked goods, seasonings, processed potatoes, snack foods, breakfast cereals and smoked fish. 

South American natives use the seeds to produce a yellow to orange  pigment body paint and lipstick.

Benefit Of Annatto

People take annatto for diabetes,strengthen bones, lower fevers , fluid retention, hearburn, boost eyes health ,andeliminate headaches. They also use it as an antiodants and bowel cleanser.

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