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Matcha Malaysia Where to buy

 Matcha Malaysia

Matcha Malaysia is imported item,and have many good benefits for healthy.Matcha also use for Coffee Latte,Ice Cream,Cake Decorating Cream,Cupcake,swissroll,cookies,moist cheese cake,matcha tart,pancake,chiffron,biscuit,souffle,desserts,donuts,macaron,mochi or bread, As long as you need green colour and matcha aroma on your baking .

What is the different Matcha vs Green tea?

The real matcha tea process is much more complicated, and the nutritional value is far more than that of green tea.The Matcha tree is selected from Japan,the characteristics are the leaves grow more fresh, making the taste of Matcha better.

The basic steps in the production of matcha tea is stirring, steam fixing, cooling, drying, separation of stem leaves, sand removal, sterilization, rapid drying, grinding until fine matcha powder.

This is to extend the growth period of tea to reduce the bitterness of tea.Therefore, the biggest difference between finished green tea is basically no bitterness.During the growing process, the sheds in the Matcha Garden should be covered with black nets to filter out the ultraviolet rays in the sunlight. So that the tea can grow more chlorophyll and amino acids.

The authentic finished Matcha is green, while the regular brewed green tea is light yellow green.

matcha vs green tea

Green Tea &  Matcha Bubble Foam

Matcha tea is often whipped to drink. Compared with green tea powder, Matcha granules are very fine and rich in foam, with bright in color. Green tea powder is very small due to its much larger particles.

What the Benefit Drink Matcha Tea?

Medicines and health products to strengthen,nutritional and healthy.

Matcha has good antioxidant and sedative effects and can reduce fatigue.

Its contains vitamin C and flavonoids of which the flavonoids can enhance the antioxidant effect of vitamin C.

This flavonoid is also a precious nutrient, so it can maintain its skin whitening effect and can be described as a treasure-grade effect.

Matcha can be used to make facial masks, cleanse the skin, replenish water and control oil, dilute smallpox in India, and promote skin damage recovery.

For constipation,slimming body and weight loss use matcha added yogurt or apple juice.

No More Trap In Faked Matcha Again In Market

Matcha is green tea type,but green tea is not matcha,both are the same species,but mostly in the market selling GREEN TEA POWDER but the label is shown MATCHA POWDER.The pricing of matcha is much more far expensive than green tea.We have show the picture above as the green tea is yellow green,to avoid buy with matcha price but ingredient is green tea in the market.


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