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Rose Petals





rose petals malaysia                      rose flakes              

Roselle powder                  mixed flower petals                cornflower malaysia







Rose petals malaysia suppliers based in kuala lumpur, supply rose flower product as ROSE FLOWER WHOLE / PETALS /  FLAKES / ROSE POWDER FOAM/MIXED FLOWER PETALS/CORNFLOWER PETALS, its safety edible flower are fully cleaned and sterilizing.

Edible Rose Petals Usage

rose petals usage      rose petals decorating       mixed flower petals

There are many ways to work the flavour of rose into your Baked goods as bakery, cake decoration, desserts , Coffee latte topping or more others cookings or drinks .

rose petals

Floral flavour by rose petals mixing with a bit of sugar in the blender. Topping on cookies, scones or muffins for a slightly sweet.

How to differently edible rose flakes or non-edible rose flakes?

rose flakes compare

We can see both type of rose flakes in the market selling, either one of them is pure petals flakes and petals with flower green bottom leaf . 

When you see the Pure petals flakes very clean and the size is balance without big and small different, that is food processes in cleaned , sterilizing by manufactory and edible decorating in cooking and baking.

Most of the rose flakes with green leave and unbalance size, that is broken rose flower collect in the farm , its suitable for bathroom such as; spa , soak leg,petals aroma bag or more etc…

rose flakes

French Rose Flakes shown on picture as above; Flakes size  are filter by machine fix around (1-2mm) is nice to have around for cocktails topping and to infuse into baked goods,quality French Rose Flakes with aroma smell.

 rose tea        

Rose tea help reduce the risk of dysentery,gastroenteritis and constipation.Rose flower tea is a great way to relax at busy day after work, as it can calm the central nervous system, reducing the chance of depression and anxiety.

Natural ingredients cosmetic

There are many brands who are creating makeup that is richly pigmented, applies beautifully by Rose Powder.

Rose Petals Powder is ideal for cosmetics, toiletries and creative products such as soaps, bath salts, lotions, creams, color cosmetics, makeup powders, candles and etc.


rose beauty mask


Rose Powder Mask hydrates and tones the complexion to restore radiance and suppleness to all skin types.Rose petals that literally melt into the skin for felt skin was moisturized, softened, smoothed, and soothed,nourished and visibly improved the appearance of  skin .




rose flower malaysia

The Benefit Of Rose Flower

Rose Petals are one of our favourite ingredients for giving a natural boost to your health and beauty.The Benefits of Rose Flower is Healthy Nutrition , their nutritional value is limited and their calorie count is low. However, the petals do contain some vitamin C,  skin cells against free radicals that cause of skin aging, and help to fight back by increase collagen . for bouncy, firm skin.

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Baking chocolate malaysia

baking chocolate malaysia

Baking Chocolate Malaysia Suppliers

Colourful baking chocolate malaysia a quality flavored compound that is suitable for all Baking work including coating, molding, decorations, shavings, and fillings.

Rich baking chocolate from malaysia for the most heavenly of chocolate decorating flavour as:

blueberry chocolate mango chocolate

strawberry chocolatepandan chocolateorange chocolate

Blueberry chocolate l  Mango chocolate l Orange chocolate l Pandan Chocolate l Strawberry Chocolate

Colourful melt chocolate with fruit and vegetable flavour

melt color chocolate

All sorts of chocolates & melts to cover and flavour your chocolate candies, lollipops, cakes and more from Baker & Flavorist revered ranges among others too.

For tempting tiramisu, caramel shortcakes and more, Baker & Flavorist 250g butterscotch, peanut butter flavoured chocolates and candy melts are ideal for flavouring classic recipes.

Heart Shape Colour Chocolate

colour chocolate

Chocolate Hearts are great for Valentine’s Day, A fun idea is to make two separate batches of these treats, one using flavour chocolate, the other dark chocolate, so can choose their flavour. Just make sure you use a chocolate you enjoy eating out of hand as this is really like a rainbow love shape chocolate.

How to less sweet

melting chocolate

Place the chocolate in a double boiler set over a saucepan of simmering water.
Simply melt the chocolate and then gently stir, can add less sweet white chocolate to stir mix until the sweet you prefer.

Chocolate Decorating

You can decorate almost any dessert with chocolate. Decorating Cakes with Chocolate is quick, easy and all you need is chocolate melt, a sheet of parchment paper and something to pipe it with zip log small bag , or you can use a frosting bag.

How to make beautiful, elegant, and gourmet chocolate cupcake toppers with without special equipment or skill required…

Melt the chocolate, don’t overheat it and check by stirring because the chocolate chips hold their form even if they are hot. If you overheat it, they will get dry.

Transfer your melted chocolate to your piping bag , cut a tiny hole by snipping the very corner of the bag .

(you can always cut the hole bigger and bigger)



Pipe your design into back of steel pan. For more designs of your own creation , suggested that you can print your design on computer paper, then place your parchment paper over the printer paper and trace over it. If you mess up a few times, don’t worry about it, it’s not piping directly into your cake.

Put in freezer for 5 minutes or until chocolate is harden.

Carefully peel it off the creative chocolate from the pan. It’s easy to transfer when it’s still very cold from the freezer.

(Carefully peeling and placing on your cupcakes)

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