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Matcha Malaysia Where to buy

Matcha Malaysia Where to buy

 Matcha Malaysia

Matcha Malaysia is imported item,and have many good benefits for healthy.Matcha also use for Coffee Latte,Ice Cream,Cake Decorating Cream,Cupcake,swissroll,cookies,moist cheese cake,matcha tart,pancake,chiffron,biscuit,souffle,desserts,donuts,macaron,mochi or bread, As long as you need green colour and matcha aroma on your baking .

What is the different Matcha vs Green tea?

The real matcha tea process is much more complicated, and the nutritional value is far more than that of green tea.The Matcha tree is selected from Japan,the characteristics are the leaves grow more fresh, making the taste of Matcha better.

The basic steps in the production of matcha tea is stirring, steam fixing, cooling, drying, separation of stem leaves, sand removal, sterilization, rapid drying, grinding until fine matcha powder.

This is to extend the growth period of tea to reduce the bitterness of tea.Therefore, the biggest difference between finished green tea is basically no bitterness.During the growing process, the sheds in the Matcha Garden should be covered with black nets to filter out the ultraviolet rays in the sunlight. So that the tea can grow more chlorophyll and amino acids.

The authentic finished Matcha is green, while the regular brewed green tea is light yellow green.

matcha vs green tea

Green Tea &  Matcha Bubble Foam

Matcha tea is often whipped to drink. Compared with green tea powder, Matcha granules are very fine and rich in foam, with bright in color. Green tea powder is very small due to its much larger particles.

What the Benefit Drink Matcha Tea?

Medicines and health products to strengthen,nutritional and healthy.

Matcha has good antioxidant and sedative effects and can reduce fatigue.

Its contains vitamin C and flavonoids of which the flavonoids can enhance the antioxidant effect of vitamin C.

This flavonoid is also a precious nutrient, so it can maintain its skin whitening effect and can be described as a treasure-grade effect.

Matcha can be used to make facial masks, cleanse the skin, replenish water and control oil, dilute smallpox in India, and promote skin damage recovery.

For constipation,slimming body and weight loss use matcha added yogurt or apple juice.

No More Trap In Faked Matcha Again In Market

Matcha is green tea type,but green tea is not matcha,both are the same species,but mostly in the market selling GREEN TEA POWDER but the label is shown MATCHA POWDER.The pricing of matcha is much more far expensive than green tea.We have show the picture above as the green tea is yellow green,to avoid buy with matcha price but ingredient is green tea in the market.


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Bunga Telang/Butterfly Pea Flower

Bunga Telang/Butterfly Pea Flower

bunga telangblue pea flower rice

Bunga Telang called in english is Butterfly pea flower or blue pea flower,Bunga Telang uses In Malaysian Famous Nyonya cook as nyonya kuih,pulut inti,pulut tatai,nyonya chang,blue rice nasi lemak,nyonya dumpling and nasi kerabu.Other than that we highly recommend baker use blue pea flower powder to instead  artificial coloring or coloring extract.Butterfly pea flower can use in all purpose with blue coloring in baking also,example as: cake, pie , bread , bun or bao , mantao ,macaron ,cake topping cream , Biscuit or edible art.Its easy and convenience to dye for cake decorating , fondant or cutie art bread.

Popular Nyonya Food In Malaysia

nyonya nasi lemak

Nasi lemak is top popular food in malaysia,but the picture shown above not normal nasi lemak,it’s called NYONYA Nasi Lemak.

Nyonya nasi lemak is founded in malaysia state melaka and using bunga telang/butterfly pea flower cook the rice mix with coconut is very amazing taste and prefect aroma enough.

Of course nyonya nasi lemak not only the rice,is include sambal sotong, fried chicken, balado fish and balado prawn.

Butterfly Pea Flower Tea Benefits For Body

butterfly pea flower tea

Highly recommend good benefits to body,butterfly pea flower tea releases antioxidants much like green tea. Antioxidants help your body lower risk of infections is great for your heart health and it’s ability to preserve beauty. The blue flower has been studied to show that it helps combat wrinkles and protects your skin from premature aging.The tea helps reduce inflammation in the body and helps brain health while keeping you feeling energized.


More benefits from butterfly pea flower no matter is dry or fresh flower:

A.Good health of the brain,increase in high level of Acetylcholine to our brain.

B.Having anti-glycation in the tea make it benefits for inhibiting harm effects of age,Acetylcholine decreases with progress in age causing loss of memory.

C. Improved vision promote blood circulation helping the eyes adjust to changes in light conditions,cure many eye ailments,the flower are used to treat eye infections like (red eyes).

D. Blue pea flowers trigger antioxidants good in decrease stress, relax the whole body muscles.

E.Fight against cancers by penetrating the cancer cell membranes and inhibit growing,the flower plant is one of that contain cyclotides.

F.Good for Skin and Hair,blue pea tea has anti-Glycation and can prevent premature aging and dealt with proanthocyanidins present in the tea that boosts collagen produce.Most of the shampoo and conditioner ingredients from butterfly pea flower,the flower  properties thats  prevents grey hair, reduces hair fall and promotes hair growth.

Butterfly Pea Flower Extra Lemon Juice

butterfly pea flower tea

More tips for the blue tea,its magic when add some lemon juice.The colour will become purple is natural and without any side effect and also have all the same benefits of health.

blue pea flower different type

blue pea flower different type

We found two different type of butterfly pea flower in malaysia,the different not colour,is the flower petals,look at the picture above.Ofcourse the benefit is same,but its very costing when wanna to cook with blue rice or make blue tea or others because less petals have to use more flower.



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